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Dear international friends of peace, democracy and honest media,

every war begins with a lie. Let us find a way to stop the lies, to end the wars!

We want to inspire you by a solution for an honest humanity by challenging the main source of injustice:
Worldwide Media hypocrisy!
We want to challenge the international hypocrites with the help of their weakest spot:
Public Opinion!
In Germany we spreaded already in 200 cities, now we reach out to network with you to add international pressure on our public broadcasting system.

We created a Browser-WebApp for uniting events and actions of the worldwide peace initiatives

8min instruction video how to use it:

Fair Dialogue with mainstream media is the key to create peace in the world. Let us network to challenge existing war economy and create a peace economy.

Our initiative Lighthouse Germany Media Evolution Movement
was presented 2022 at the Better Way Conference in Vienna.

Here you find our 7min speech in video:

4min Teaser August 2023 podcast, explaining the app:

In short: We are convinced to need the power of mainstream media to bring truth and balanced news to the world. Our independent free media in resistance is not strong enough to influence a lasting change. This is why we work on challenging the European public broadcasters, which are collectively paid by the citizens. As we pay these media corporations, we demand their independent political view to create worldwide peace and understanding.

Let us work on a media strategy to work together on that epic vision to end global hypocrisy for ever. Please contact Jimmy Gerum, Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein., +49-151-5055 2062